Be respectful of your surroundings and other guests. Failure to comply may result in additional charges and/or immediate eviction without refund. The tenant undertakes to respect the rules of the Chalet at all times. This commitment also applies to persons accompanying the tenant “family, friends and guests”. We wish you a wonderful stay at our chalet and unforgettable moments.


Arrival and departure times

Arrival: 4:00 pm

Departure: 11:00 a.m. Late departure fees apply. If on the day of departure, the tenant does not leave the premises at the time specified in the contract, additional charges of $60/hour may apply.

It is possible to arrive earlier and leave later if the chalet is not rented.
Ask your host if this is possible. It’s our pleasure to welcome you earlier and offer you more time at the chalet.


Shared lake access

Access to the lake is essentially for the use of the boats provided.

It is strictly forbidden to park in the lot. There is a fire hydrant and a sign prohibiting parking. You must park your cars at the chalet or at the public beach.

Before entering the lakeside lot, you must notify me of your arrival and departure times so that I can inform the other co-owners.

We ask that you limit the number of people in your group to a maximum of 8 for access to the grounds.

To avoid accidents, fishing is strictly forbidden on site.

Under no circumstances may you moor a boat or any other motorized craft to the dock.

The paddles available for you are white and blue and are locked. The code is 3669.

The kayaks available are red and locked. The code is 3669.

The jackets are in the cabin, accessible via a key box located at the bottom right of the cabin door. The code is 1934.

If there are people on site, we ask you to come back later.

If you’ve been on site for more than 2 hours and other people arrive, simply give way so that everyone can enjoy the site.


Rooftop terrace

The chalet is located in the heart of the village. Good neighborliness is our priority.
You must close the terrace before 9:00 pm. City regulations state that there must be no noise after 8:00 pm. So there must be no one on the roof terrace after 9pm, or you’ll be evicted immediately. Any complaint requiring compensation to the complainant will be at your expense, and eviction will be immediate. The amount of compensation for the complaint is $750.


The roof terrace

The terrace is shared and accessible by the Bear and the Otter. Bear travelers can access the terrace via the interior staircase. Otter travelers can also access the terrace through the door leading to the roof.
Sharing of the terrace is proportional to the number of travelers. There is no priority, but 3 tables and 18 chairs can accommodate all travelers.


Back yard

You must close the ground-floor terrace by 10:00 p.m. at the latest, failing which you will be subject to immediate eviction. Any complaint requiring compensation to the complainant will be at your expense and eviction is immediate. The amount of compensation for the complaint is $750.


Fire and safety

The chalet is equipped with fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, CO2 and propane gas detectors. It is forbidden at any time to remove or disconnect the detectors. In the event of an alarm, open doors and windows and wait for the alarm to sound.



The chalet offers parking for 2 cars. Please do not park more than 2 cars to keep the street clear.

A free public parking lot is located 50 meters up School Street. Please park your cars in this lot. It is permitted and tolerated by the city to leave cars overnight in summer and winter.


Non-smoking chalet

The entire chalet is strictly non-smoking. As required by law, smoking is permitted outside, more than 9 meters from closed doors or windows (balconies are not 9 meters away). ALL CIGARETTE BUTTS MUST BE COLLECTED. Do not throw your cigarette butts in the parking lot, on the grounds or in the yard, where a $100 fee will apply. Cigarette butts must be disposed of in the receptacle located at the rear of the building, on the left side of the door. If the smell of tobacco, cannabis or any other substance remains inside the chalet after a departure, $500 will be charged to the credit card on file of the customer responsible.


Shoes and boots

It is forbidden to wear shoes or boots inside the chalet. Bring slippers or socks if necessary. All floors are heated.


Candles are strictly forbidden

Inside the chalet and on the balconies, lighting candles, scented candles, using essential oil burners, incense, magic fountains, cake bengals, sparklers or any other source of flame is strictly forbidden.


Tenant’s responsibility

The tenant is responsible for the rented chalet and its contents. He assumes full and entire responsibility for the persons to whom he allows access. The tenant may not assign his or her rights under the rental agreement or sublet the building.


Respect maximum capacity

If there are more than 18 people in the chalet and/or on the grounds without an initial agreement with your host, you will be charged an additional fee of $500 and evicted immediately. The chalet is designed to accommodate a maximum of 18 people.

Chalets deVille – 9334-1949 Québec inc. disclaims all liability in the event of incident or accident, and or injury due to overcapacity. In the event of breakage, the costs associated with repairs and the inability to re-rent or live in the cottage will be borne by the customer. Chalets deVille – 9334-1949 Québec inc reserves the right to inspect the cottage without notice and to charge you for any undeclared additional persons. It is your responsibility to notify Chalets deVille – 9339-1949 Québec inc. if you increase the number of guests on your original reservation, day or night.


Minimum age to rent

You must be at least 25 years old to rent the chalet. You must have a valid credit card with photo identification (driver’s license or passport). This same person is responsible for the premises and will be present during the rental period.

He or she is also responsible for the actions of any other person on the chalet premises. He/she assumes full responsibility for all persons with whom he/she has access.

A group of people with an average age of 20 with only one person aged 25 or over will not be accepted. The group will be expelled immediately without refund.


Excessive disorder

If traces of partying or excessive clutter are left in the chalet, a charge of up to $2,000 may be billed to the credit card on file of the customer responsible. Charges for broken equipment, damage to the chalet or grounds are additional to the cleaning fee. If there is damage or a lot of dirt, a cleaning fee will be charged.



Reasonable parties (respecting the chalet’s facilities and maximum capacity) are permitted indoors. Outdoor parties are permitted, provided they respect the neighborhood by reducing noise from 8 p.m. and ceasing before 10 p.m. Outdoor music is prohibited at all times. Any complaint requiring compensation to the complainant will be at your expense, and eviction is immediate.


Respect for neighbors

The tenant agrees to respect reasonable rules of conduct and not to disturb neighbors. The tenant must keep noise levels within reason, both inside and outside the chalet. After 10 p.m., noise must be kept to a minimum. The tenant agrees to use only the rented premises and to respect the space of local residents.


Towels and bedding

The towels and bedding we provide must remain inside the chalet. We have beach towels available to take outside and blankets for outside use (gray “doudou” type blankets).



Avoid putting kitchen knife sets and pots and pans with plastic handles in the dishwasher.


No pets allowed

Pets, such as dogs, cats and rabbits, are prohibited unless a written agreement has been made with your host. If we are notified that there is an animal in the chalet or outside the chalet without prior written agreement, immediate eviction without refund and a $500 penalty will be charged.



Fireworks and/or Sky Lanterns FORBIDDEN under any circumstances, immediate eviction without refund.


Building and property

Any misuse or use not attributable to normal wear and tear of the building or its furnishings causing stains, breakage or defects will be repaired or replaced at the tenant’s expense. Do not throw anything into the sinks, toilets, bathtubs or showers that could clog the drains, failing which the tenant will be billed for the cost of restoring them to working order. No disinfectant wipes, make-up remover or personal towels may be thrown into the toilet bowl.


Indoor and outdoor furniture

Do not move interior or exterior furniture ” do not try to move beds, as they are screwed into the walls ” leave the chalet tidy and clean, and place interior and exterior furniture in the same way as when you arrived.


Camping prohibited

Tents, tent-trailers, caravans, RVs, big tops, inflatable games and other play equipment are not permitted. Nothing may be planted in the yard, e.g. volleyball or badminton posts. The septic field is located in the yard.


All-terrain vehicles ATVs

The use of snowmobiles (Ski-Doo), ATVs, motocross, side-by-side vehicles and any other type of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is prohibited on the grounds.



Outdoor campfires are permitted. Use only the outdoor fireplace provided and in the designated area only. Excessive fires are prohibited. Campfires must be supervised by a responsible person at all times. It must be extinguished every evening before bedtime using the watering can located on the outside wall. Please collect your beer corks or other metal from the campfire, as we recycle the ashes as fertilizer.


Propane fireplaces

We recommend that you turn off indoor fireplaces at night and limit the temperature to a maximum of 25 degrees, otherwise the smoke and CO2 detectors will go off. Should the detectors go off, simply switch off the fireplaces and open the doors to ventilate until the detectors stop alarming.



Barbecues must remain in their designated area at all times. They must not be moved or moved closer to the cottage, as there is a risk of fire. Always turn off the propane after use. The valve is located on the brick wall of the chalet via a yellow hose.


Electric scooters

The use of electric scooters is prohibited during the winter season.

If you wish to use electric scooters, you must have a written agreement and liability waiver with your host. They are not available for hire. By law, scooters must be worn with a helmet, and children under 12 years of age are not permitted to use them.



We recommend wearing a helmet at all times.

There is a bike pump in the entrance closet and tools at North Hatley Park in case of need for repairs or adjustments. Bikes are loaned as is at your own risk. We cannot guarantee their condition.



A life jacket must be worn when using kayaks or paddle boards. Vests are located in the cabana in the parking lot.
Kayaks and paddle boards are for one person only. You must wear your lifejacket at all times, and make sure you have the safety kit with you, contained in an orange bucket. This bucket contains: a rope, whistle, flashlight and the boat permit authorizing you to navigate on the lake.

Fines are $350 if you don’t wear your vest or have a safety kit.

It is strictly forbidden to moor and use your personal watercraft on Lake Massawippi if they have not been cleaned before use, Town of North Hatley bylaws. Provincial laws apply. The peace and quiet of lakeside residents must be respected at all times.


Avoid theft

Always be vigilant and lock your doors and windows when you leave or go out. We are not responsible for theft or breakage.


Internet bandwidth

Your daily consumption should not exceed 20(GB) of data, “approximately” 20,000 megabits. NETFLIX = 1 to 3 GB per hour.


When you leave

Do not leave any garbage or debris in the rooms or on the floors.

Floors are swept.

Do not leave any garbage in the kitchen.

The housekeeping team will clean everything else.

Unfold beds and simply place blankets at the foot of the beds.

Place used towels on bathroom floors.



Please place bags of garbage in the green bin provided in the shed in the chalet parking lot.



Please place recycling in the blue bin provided in the cabana located in the chalet parking lot.


Condition of chalet on departure

Put dishes in the dishwasher. Wash pots and pans by hand.

Clean the BBQ and utensils as you use them.

Collect your garbage, recycling and compost and deposit it in the outside bins when you leave.

Indoor and outdoor wood-burning fires are extinguished.

Windows must be closed.

Exterior doors must be closed and locked.

Please ensure that no personal items are left in the chalet.

Any breach of the above rules may result in termination of the contract without refund.



    I hereby confirm that I have read the above regulations and agree to abide by them during my outing.